Horseback riding holidays in Italy: delta Horse

The unique sweetness of the Delta Horse makes the Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea the ideal location for unforgettable horse riding holidays in Europe for adults and children both.

The Delta Horse is directly descended from the ancient and admired Camargue horse and has inherited from its predecessor agility, courage and endurance – indispensable qualities for survival in the harsh, selective environment of the wetlands in the Po Delta Park.

Un it is an unsophisticated riding horse but docile and careful, as is clear from its gentle, friendly expression without hiding the pride of one brought up in absolute freedom. Dark at birth, its coat becomes grey in three years. Its legs and hooves are strong, wide and sure.It has a slightly inclined back, a deep chest and fleshy thighs.

Thanks to these peculiarities of its form and character, it has been the companion of humankind for thousands of years in war, on the breeding farms of the black Camargue fighting bulls (also found on the farm of Spiaggia Romea) and in difficult sporting activities.


Unruffled, lively, agile, courageous, very strong, resistant to bad weather, the Camargue horse boasts very ancient origins: it goes right back to the Stone Age, as shown by archaeological finds in Arles in France.

Horace and Caesar confirm in their works the existence of a breed of horse in the Camargue well before the the Roman occupation. Throughout history this horse has been appreciated by great figures like the Calvinist Jean Laporte and Napoleon, for the equipping of armies.

The environment

The land where the Camargue horses live is not grassy but marshland, not farming land. In this earth full of salt grow reeds, bulrushes.

The herd has to move very often to find food, as stables are unknown to them. One must see these animals during a rainstorm or snowstorm, their backs to the wind, waiting with lowered heads for the storm to end so that they can calmly carry on their life.

During extremely cold weather it is not unusual to see them break the ice on canals or the marshes to drink from them.
Thanks to the presence of Delta Horses, Spiaggia Romea is an ideal place for your  horse riding holidays in europe.