50 years dedicated to the territory, respecting mother nature

Quest'anno la nostra struttura compie i 50 anni di attività. 50 anni dedicati alla natura e al territorio in cui le nostre attività e le nostre stanze sono immerse.

50 Anni

To celebrate this event in the best way, it could not have reached a more appreciated offer than that of being the pilot project of separate collection for our village with a highly eco-friendly temperament and character. Together with AREA and the MUNICIPALITY we are thus preparing to plan what from the outset proves to be a splendid project, but not easy to implement.

Commitment, perseverance and some small ideas, however, lead us to slowly achieve the result of meetings, meetings and agreements. The staff was informed and trained at the beginning of the season both by the management and by the AREA managers themselves with a special meeting to explain the main changes that the village and its staff had to undergo, both in terms of image and behavior.

The guests, duly informed on arrival and in the theater with special flyers and information materials, were invited to take a leading role in the project in order to help in the realization of the result by learning and having fun also with dedicated workshops. The image was coordinated and studied so that everything led to the finalization of what we were looking for.

Result? A great effort, a great effort, however, reciprocated today by satisfactions, gratitude and new smiles for the work done. We do not yet know and we do not believe we have done everything flawlessly because so much is still to be learned and so much to be transferred also to those, foreigners and otherwise, who have never heard of separate collection, but the will to succeed is so great.

We are grateful to AREA for the financial effort to provide us with the material designed together, requested and highly appreciated, and the MUNICIPALITY for asking us to take this first step. For now the results are not yet detailed, but for now we are happy with the comments found among our customers, such as:
  • Frau Monika, our guest of 10 years, " Danke fuer sehr sehr schön Urlaub, wie jedes Jahr, aber dieses Jähr war Müllsammlung wunderbar"
  • Sig. Franca, new guest " noi non abbiamo ancora la raccolta differenziata da noi, ma in vacanza l'ho vissuta come un piccolo gioco da fare in famiglia e non mi è sembrato così difficile , ma solo utile per l'ambiente '
  • Nico, our collaborator and gardener "un po' difficile da realizzare soprattutto all'inizio, ma oggi che piano piano tutti la seguono non è poi così impossibile "
We try with all the effort possible, after all nature itself requires it and being our treasure, we cannot disappoint her.